"Wir organisieren Kitereisen zum Ringkøbing Fjord in Dänemark sowie nach Tarifa in Spanien. Unsere Angebote kombinieren Kite Surfing mit spannenden Aktivitäten wie Yoga, Kochen oder Fotografie. Wir freuen uns auf eine Kite Session mit dir ;-)"


"We organize kite camps to the Ringkøbing Fjord in Denmark and Tarifa in Spain. Check out our various offers with exciting complements like yoga, cooking or photography. Looking forward to a kite session with you ;-)"

- Wiebke & Alex -


Our Kitetravels 2018

Wave Experiences DK

Wolltest du schon mal lernen in Wellen zu kiten? In diesem Kitecamp bringen wir dir bei in Wellen zu kiten und stellen dir auch einen Surfboardpool zur Verfügung, mit und ohne Fußschlaufen. Vor allem werden wir mit dem Kite in Wellen gehen, falls mal kein Wind sein sollte nehmen wir uns Wellenreitbretter und SUPs für eine spaßige Session im Wasser mit.


Waves are not only pretty to watch, but also great fun to ride. Have you ever wanted to try? In this camp we will teach you to ride waves and maybe give you a surf board for the first time. Preferably we will go into the waves with a kite. If there is no wind, we will use surfboards or SUPs to have fun in the water.


Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: 12.09. - 15.09.2018

Kite&Yoga Girlz DK

Mit unseren Mädelscamps wollen wir klarstellen: Zum Kitesurfen wird nicht besonders viel Kraft und Ausdauer benötigt. Ganz im Gegenteil, Kitesurfen eignet sich wunderbar für Mädels. Gerade im Vergleich zu anderen Wassersportarten wie Wellenreiten oder Windsurfen ist Kiten nicht besonders schwierig oder gefährlich.


Join our GIRLZ camp and get rid of some untrue sayings: Kite surfing does not require significant strength - just a normal fitness level and it is not extraordinarily difficult or dangerous. In fact as far as we believe it is much easier and more fun to learn than many other water sports.


Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: 23.06. - 27.06.2018 & 08.09. -12.09.2018

Kite&Photography DK

In diesem Kitecamp unterrichten wir in Dänemark am Ringkøbing Fjord Kitesurfen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Nebenbei, besonders zu windfreien Stunden, werden wir Fotografie Sessions mit Oliver Raatz unternehmen. Er ist Meister darin die wilde Dänische Natur mit dem Iphone oder einer professionellen Kamera einzufangen; schau doch mal auf seiner Seite vorbei.


In this trip we combine kite surfing with the beauty of photography. Learn how to kite surf with professional instructors, learn as a beginner or improve your kite surfing skills on the board and kite with like-minded people.

You will also learn to get the best out of your camera or your Iphone, take beautiful shots of the Danish nature with our photography expert Oliver Raatz and bring your photography skills to the next level.


Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: Tuesday, 08.05. - Saturday, 12.05.2018

Kite&Yoga Girlz Tarifa

During this kite camp, we will take you to the European capital of wind - Tarifa. There will be plenty of sun, wind, beaches and beautiful views.

Enjoy relaxing and recharging yoga sessions with Wiebke while viewing the coast line of Morocco. Together with like-minded girlz, you can dive into the special vibes of Tarifa and explore the village by the water.

Levante and Poniente, the strong thermal winds of Tarifa will make sure you get a lot of time on the water. Experienced & enthusiastic kite instructors will make sure to support your kiting from one girl to the other.


Location: Tarifa, Spain

Dates: 21.04. - 29.04.2018

Kitecamp Advanced DK

In diesem Kitecamp möchten wir gezielt Kiter unterrichten, die schon erste Erfahrungen gemacht haben und jetzt den nächsten Schritt machen möchten. Wir bringen euch bei Höhe zu halten, eine Wende zu fahren oder erste Tricks. Unsere erfahrenen und professionellen Kitelehrer unterstützen euch auf dem Wasser und an Land. Dabei achten wir auf die verschiedenen Level und bringen euch alles von Self-Rescue Theorie bis zu Backrolls und S-Bends bei.


You feel save with a kite and want to improve your skills doing board starts, learning how to go upwind, do a back roll or even learn how to unhook and do a raley? We will provide professional support, encouraging sparring partners and like-minded people. During this camp, we will talk about spots, safety and tricks on the water. We will catch up on your level and work on your next step.


Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: 27.06. - 30.06.2018

Strapless & Yoga Tarifa

Strapless surfboards are great fun in waves and on flat water! There so many turns to surf and tricks to do and yes it's a lot of fun! So let's give it a try - whether it's your first time, you want to learn a jibe or more advanced tricks - we'll catch up on your level, show you new stuff you and make you improve on your board. And any wave we can get we will go for, of course ;-)

Getting more balance and body awareness in our yoga classes will support in reaching your personal goals. Come and join in for some fun activities!


Location: Tarifa, Spain

Dates: 22.09. - 30.09.2018


Why Coconut?


When you hear the word 'Coconut' - what are your associations?


We could list many different ones:

- the coconut fruit with its brown shell and its white flesh, hard to open up but an amazing snack

- the beautiful trees with their large leaves by the beach - "Mind your head, don't sit below the coconut tree!"

- the sweet flavour added to several beauty products

- the flake used for cooking and baking - Coconut Macaroons are sooo good!

- the funny songs people have been singing about it - "Wo ist die Kokosnuss, Wo ist die Kokosnuss, wer hat die Kokosnuss gekla-a-aut?"

- the guys on Carribean beaches selling the fresh fruits shouting "Coco, Aye Coco! Who likes a yummy Coco?"

- the awesome coconut soup you had at the Vietnmese restrauant last week

- the soothing & nourishing ingredients of the coconut oil

& many more.


So why 'Coconut Kite'???

We believe that a Coconut unites all the wonderful characteristics we like to promote in our kite surf camps. We want to make sure our guests enjoy a wonderful time - good for the soul and the body at beautiful spots with an easy-going, happy and fun atmosphere.

The Coconut for us is a symbol resembling the easy life by the beach surrounded by palm trees while slurping refreshing Coconut water.


At the same time, the fruit has great nourishing value & is traditionally used for a variety of applications - from food to cosmetics to construction of roof tops - providing a strong down-to-earth basis. 

Find Your Happy Winter Place - Spots to go in Winter Time

Winter time is there and although it's not too rough until now, it still is more cozy inside in front of the fire then it is outside. Especially if you're living in the North of Europe or Scandinavia and if you are not one of the I-give-a-XXX-about-the-cold-and-go-kiting-every-single-windy-day-personalities, you might think about finding an escape.

Here are some of the spots we recommend to go to and experience during European winter.

Waterlovegirl goes Coconut

I was on summer holidays with my family when Alex called.  After some „how are you?“, „great thanks!“ she suddenly said: "Listen, I was thinking about your kite company - waterlovegirl...

Our Spots - Denmark and Spain

When we are planning our kite travels, one very important aspect is choosing the spot. There are quite some details we consider to have each trip turn out successful so you can progress in kiting and return happy, recharged, relaxed and nourished by the end of your vacation...

Complementing our Travels

Nourishing the soul is happening through many ways. We love to complement our kite trips with something special...