Complementing our Trips

Something Extra

Nourishing the soul is happening through many ways. We love to complement our kite trips with something special. Next to kitesurfing we offer further activities to nourish your soul - yoga, photography & cooking are our chosen balancing options next to action while kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is not the same as waterskiing or wakeboarding. You can not do it at all times, meaning sometimes there is no wind. And honestly sometimes I enjoy the no-wind-days. You don't have to go out there but are able to spend time with yourself, your body and like-minded people. Well, when the wind then comes back, you are well-prepared for your next session. We will support any skill level and bring your kiting level to the next stage. At the same time we will make sure safety and knowledge of whether conditions are not forgotten.

Check out our kitecamps and find the best kitetravel with complements for you. If it makes you happy, you should go for it!

Check here for kite camps in Denmark and here for kite travel in Tarifa, Spain.

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