My Happy Winterplace

Winter time is there and although it's not too rough until now, it still is more cozy inside in front of the fire then it is outside. Especially if you're living in the North of Europe or Scandinavia and if you are not one of the I-give-a-XXX-about-the-cold-and-go-kiting-every-single-windy-day-personalities, you might think about finding an escape.

Here are some of the spots we recommend to go to and experience during European winter.

Country Conditions Best months Level
Brazil Flat water & small waves, warm water (no wetsuit needed), very reliable strong wind, not gusty July - Jan all levels
South Africa Waves & flat water, strong winds, cold water (wetsuit needed), sharky, very reliable wind, not gusty Nov - March intermediate - advanced
Kenia Rather flat, small waves, warm water, some reef breaks, short wet suit recommended

Dec - Feb

all levels
Australia Soutcoast Waves & flat water spots, long wetsuit needed, varying wind conditions 


all levels
Bonaire Flat water, some waves, great climate, very reliable winds, no wetsuit needed


all levels

If you want to be sure and read more about the countries, regions and single spots you should have a look into this fantastic book. As you can see it explains almost everything - pros & cons, spots, climate, wind, statistics, maps... there are no questions remaining after consulting it :)

You can get it here.

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