Kite Surf · 03. January 2019
Kite Foiling - fliegen übers Wasser ist einfach toll, allerdings auch nicht ganz ohne...
Girlz Kite · 02. November 2018
Sag "Hello" oder besser "Buenos Dias"! Das ist Carolina vor ihrem Haus und Atelier in Tarifa. Für unser Kite & Cook Camp hat sie uns wunderbare Taschen hergestellt und wir wollen euch die Idee hinter der Sache ein bisschen näher bringen. Andalusien, der südliche Teil Spaniens ist, anders als Katalonien, ein wirtschaftlich sehr schwacher Teil des Landes. Die Menschen die hier leben, sind wahnsinnig herzlich und gastfreundlich, haben immer ein Lächeln und ein "Broma" also ein Späßchen...
Kite Travel · 31. October 2018
Girls and Boyz, wir möchten uns für eine wundervolle Saison mit euch bedanken ;-) Ihr wart tolle Teilnehmer und wir haben uns über jeden einzelnen gefreut. Wir wünschen angenehme Winterpause und freuen uns auf euch in unseren Kite Camps 2019!
Kite Travel · 17. March 2018
A personal travel blog about my 2018 winter in Capetown - Kitesurfing, Surfing, SUP, Wave Kiting, Wineries, Spots, Friends and more...
Kite Travel · 14. March 2018
We believe that a Coconut unites all the wonderful characteristics we like to promote in our kite surf camps. The Coconut for us is a symbol resembling the easy life by the beach surrounded by palm trees while slurping refreshing Coconut water. At the same time, the fruit has great nourishing value & is traditionally used for a variety of applications - from food to cosmetics to construction of roof tops - providing a strong down-to-earth basis.
Kite Surf · 11. March 2018
Awaking from hibernation... Warmth, sun, wind & freedom please come out for a road trip to the beach and play with us!
Kite Travel · 18. January 2018
The Winter in the north of europe is always a long way to go through for watersports loving folks... but! During this time of the year there are places in the world where you might be thrilled to go to... See our recomendations for your Happy Winter Place...
Kite Surf · 20. October 2017
Waterlovegirl goes Coconut - how's that? Read about the story behind the scenes...
Kite Travel · 20. October 2017
When we are planning our kite travels, one very important aspect of course is choosing the spot. There are quite some details we consider so each trip can turns out successful so you have progressed in kiting, are happy, recharged, relaxed and nourished by the end of your vacation!
Kite Travel · 20. October 2017
Nourishing the soul is happening through many ways. We love to complement our kite trips with something special. Next to kitesurfing we offer further activities to nourish your soul - yoga, photography & cooking are our chosen balancing options next to action while kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is not the same as waterskiing or wakeboarding. You can not do it at all times, meaning sometimes there is no wind. And honestly sometimes I enjoy the no-wind-days. You don't have to go out there but are...

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