Du liebst die Dänische Natur? Wasser ist ein faszinierendes Element für dich und du bist gerne draußen aktiv? Wir lieben es und nehmen wunderbare Erinnerungen auch gerne mit nach Hause ;-) 

In diesem Kitecamp unterrichten wir in Dänemark am Ringkøbing Fjord Kitesurfen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Nebenbei, besonders zu windfreien Stunden, werden wir Fotografie Sessions mit Oliver Raatz unternehmen. Er ist Meister darin die wilde Dänische Natur mit dem Iphone oder einer professionellen Kamera einzufangen, schau doch mal auf seiner Seite vorbei.


You enjoy nature? Water is a fascinating element to you and you love to be physically active outdoors? We do! And we also like to take some of these experiences home. In this trip we combine kite surfing with the beauty of photography. Learn how to kite surf with professional instructors, improve your skills on the board and kite with like-minded.

You will also learn to get the best out of your camera or your Iphone, take beautiful shots of the Danish nature with our photography expert Oliver Raatz and bring your photography skills to the next level. Many photos on this page are taken by Oliver Raatz,  and samples of his work can be found on his page. Join our kite & photography camp to challenge and relax your body & soul outdoors in the rough Danish climate.


Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: Tuesday, 08.05. - Saturday, 12.05.2018


Your Travel package includes:


Duration & Accommodation

  • Event duration 5 days (incl. arrival and departure day)
  • Accommodation in Danish vacation house (shared room)
  • WiFi, laundry, sauna and garden available

Kitelessons & Equipment

  • Daily kite surfing - depending on wind and weather conditions
  • Kite lessons according to your level (max. 4 persons/instructor)
  • Professional VDWS certified kite instructors
  • Lessons on theory, kite equipment, wheather conditions, kite spot evaluation & self rescue
  • Latest kite equipment included
  • Wetsuits, harnesses, helmets and ponchos available


  • Breakfast and dinner will be supplied by Coconut
  • Preparation and cooking together


  • 2 photography sessions with Oliver Raatz
  • Learn basics about light, blind, exposure and framing a shot
  • Check out some of his photographs here

What else

  • Advanced lessons, gear rental only & advanced supervision possible upon request
  • Coconut goodie
  • Languages: English, German & Spanish


  • Travel to location by yourself
  • Pick up at train stations possible
  • Coconut helps to organize car sharing



Beginners 650,00 € 

Advanced 550,00 €


Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: Tuesday, 08.05. - Saturday, 12.05.2018