Wave Experiences DK

Wellen haben eine beeindruckende Dynamik, eine wunderbare Form und sind auch noch toll zum Kitesurfen. Wolltest du schon mal lernen in Wellen zu kiten? In diesem Kitecamp bringen wir dir bei in Wellen zu kiten und stellen dir auch einen Surfboardpool zur Verfügung, mit und ohne Fußschlaufen. Vor allem werden wir mit dem Kite in Wellen gehen, falls mal kein Wind sein sollte nehmen wir uns Wellenreitbretter und SUPs für eine spaßige Session im Wasser mit.


Waves are not only pretty to watch, but also great fun to ride. Have you ever wanted to try? In this camp we will teach you to ride waves and maybe give you a surf board for the first time. Preferably we will go into the waves with a kite. If there is no wind, we will use surfboards or SUPs to have fun in the water.


Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: Wed, 12.06. - Sat, 15.06.2019


Your Travel Package Includes

Duration & accommodation

  • Event duration 4 days (incl. arrival and departure day)
  • Accommodation in Danish vacation house (shared room)
  • WiFi, laundry, sauna and garden available

Kite lessons & equipment

  • Daily advanced wave kite training - depending on the wind and wheather conditions
  • Professional VDWS certified kite instructors
  • Theory incl. kite equipment, weather conditions, kite spot evaluation, self rescue & any further tips you are interested in
  • Surfboard pool included
  • Wetsuits, harness, helmets  and ponchos available


  • Breakfast and dinner will be supplied by Coconut
    • Preparation and cooking together

What else

  • Sauna, wellness and any other fun stuff we can think of
  • 2h SUP Session
  • Equipment pool available (+80,00€)
  • Languages: English, German


  • Travel to location by yourself
  • Pick up at train station possible
  • Coconut helps organizing car sharing





Location: Denmark, Ringkøbing Fjord

Dates: Wed, 12.06. - Sat, 15.06.2019



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