Kite&KIds Tarifa

You would love to enjoy a nice Kite & Yoga holiday with all your family? Getting some time off for yourself and maybe going out on the water together with your partner? We make sure you will enjoy your time together here. Taking care of your kids and offering them some fun things to do while you enjoy your hobby, recharge and relax.

Come join in and have a wonderful time with us in Andalusia, Spain!


Location: Tarifa, Spain

Dates: 25.03. - 01.04.2018

Kite&Yoga Girlz Tarifa

Come and join us for a wonderful time in the european capital of wind - Tarifa. Enjoy relaxing and recharging yoga sessions viewing the coast line of Morocco, dive into the special vibes of Tarifa, improve you kite skills and all this together with like-minded girlz.

Looking forward to a fantastic time with you!


Location: Tarifa, Spain

Dates: 21.04. - 29.04.2018

Strapless&Yoga Tarifa

Strapless boards are not only fun in waves - you might have noticed that!? There so many tricks you can do and yes it's a lot of fun! So let's give it a try - whether it's your first time, you want to learn a jibe or more advanced tricks - we'll catch up on your level, show you new stuff you and make you improve on your board. And any wave we can get we will go for, of course ;-)

Getting more balance and body awareness in our yoga classes will support in reaching your personal goals. Come and join in for some fun activities!


Location: Tarifa, Spain

Dates: 22.09. - 30.09.2018

Kite, Cook &Yoga Tarifa

October is one of the most beautiful months in Tarifa - so if you like an escape into some last rays of sunshine, you should join in. Next to kite surfing we will spend time creating delicious wonderful meals of different styles - all healthy and exciting! Yoga, Pilates and from time to time a functional workout class together with meditaton will rise our body and mind-awareness.

This kite camp will make you feel gourgeous ;-)

Come and enjoy Tarifa when it's a bit more tranquil than in summer time.


Location: Tarifa, Spain

Dates: 13.10. - 21.10.2018