Kite Surf Season Starting Soon!

Awakening from Hibernation - Kite Surf Season Starting Soon!

Awaking from hibernation...

"My feet, my hands, my stomach - all my body is tickling and my inner butterfly is about to burst out. The excitment is growing inside me every day. The temperature has just risen to 10° today and this pleasant anticipation is present at all times. Ocean, sea, nature, wind, sun, waves, kite surf, SUP, friends, fun, road trip - overwhelming memories are popping up and the kite surf season will start soon.


At this point, waiting calmly in front of my oven in hibernaton is no option any longer. What can I do?  Maybe I should dig my wetsuit out of the wardrobe, make sure my fins are all there and the wax is ready to go. My camper van needs a good restock of basic supplies, my favourite bedding needs to go back inside and my new espresso machine needs to find a perfect spot."


Warmth, sun, wind & freedom please come out for a road trip to the beach and play with us!




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